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I always look forward to and feel privileged in hearing Moe's musings. A humble and brilliant mind, a wise and bright soul. -Dragana

Hi Moe. You're a neighbour of mine on Listed. Given you called out I'm calling back to speak with you and be neighbourly. I live in a mid terraced house in England. I know both neighbours on either side and others up and down the road I live on. The closer ones I know well enough to stop for a chat and catch up whenever we see each other. The close proximity in which we live lends itself to being social. It would seem a bit odd to me if we were just on nodding terms. You'd have to make an effort to not be social. Another factor that comes to my mind is that we consider each others circumstance and don't give each other a hard time for being human. None of us are perfect neighbours. I think knowing and accepting that about ourselves leads us all to being less judgemental and harsh with each other. Enjoy your holidays. Alexander