Issue 1, part middle: The word on social anxiety

Happy Monday and welcome to Take Notice! Each month we build on a topic, dive deeper, and generate resources you can keep coming back to.

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Oh my.

This week is meant to be the dive, and let me tell you, I had no idea there was so much work out there that’s been done on the subject of neighbours. Sure, the vast majority of what I found was about ‘bad’ neighbours, or cliché horror stories. There were interesting nuggets though, some which dive into what being a neighbour looked like in 11th century Europe and the interesting role of religion in neighbour relations.

Speaking of religion, I’ll continue digging for now as it’s the end of Ramadan and I’ll be on leave in a cabin in the woods next week. Giving me ample time to put together a fun read for you. I’ll leave you with a response from one of our readers to last weeks piece. I’ll call this part of where you respond to my writing “Your take”

Your take ft. Randah

Hey moe, I like this topic. Neighbours are something very close to my heart, and our prophet pbuh has recommended we stay close (and good) up to the 7th neighbour (from all sides).

I have a good relationship with my neighbours, some stronger than others. I've depended on them rarely, but that's not the point. We don't stay connected because we might need each other. We stay connected because we enjoy each other. we have a nice habit this ramadan of sending a dish of whatever we have at home for the neighbour to taste. it helps that we eat the same time in Ramadan. But even during normal days, sometimes we don't need a reason to send a piece of sweets or specially made coffee next door because we want them to taste it with us.

and of-course, sometimes we need instant help, I remember the first month I met our neighbour I had to immediately ask her for a favor. I needed to go buy something urgent and my son was 2 months old. I asked her to stay at my place for 15 minutes while he's asleep. Remember I just met her so that was a big ask. but it was urgent and I was desperate.

Last week I craved cereal at 10pm. I didn't have milk. I asked my neighbour for a mug of milk and sent my son to get it. He came back with a full 2 liter bottle saying she had an extra one. I drank my thirst away till the morning :) beautiful moments are created by your connection with neighbours.

keep digging into this topic, or better yet, find a way to safely introduce yourself to your neighbours. one of things i regret the most is not getting to know my neighbours in Toronto as much as i should have.

Ramadan kareem.


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