Issue 1, part first: The take on social anxiety.

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What to expect

Each month, I'll start with a topic of interest. In the first week I'll do a soft introduction, and invite you to take notice of your environment in relation to this topic.

In the second week, I'll dive deeper into the topic, draw together research, and present it in a long form piece.

In the third week, I'll conclude the topic of the month and give you links to resources, bullet point tips, and something to come back to if need be. It'll be an experiment for my 'digital garden', and a way to build my 'evergreen notes'

The fourth week will be spent responding to your messages (if you choose to engage in a slow conversation), and taking notice of what topic interests me. Feel free to recommend a topic, something that has you take notice.

What makes us human

I had a thought sometime last summer that the pandemic would be lasting a while, and if so, people would need to transition back into their social life, preferably with some help. You'll have come across articles, memes, and jokes referring to the stay at home orders benefiting people who identify as introverts. I've yet to come across a story where someone was trapped in a cave alone, and walked away shrugging because they identified as introverts.

Without minimizing what people may be feeling as they seek a return to normalcy, I can't help but feel that the social anxiety that's being perceived is related to the dehumanizing environments and systems we're a part of. Whether it's fabricated work cultures or generic after work spaces, there is practiced lack of depth in relationships. I currently live in North America, so I am speaking to my experience in a metropolitan city in the United States.

Do you know your neighbour?

Do you have a relationship, with the person next door? Arguably, the person most likely to help you at a moments notice, if your friends and family were too far away. If you do, please get in touch, I have something I can learn from you. If like me, you don't, then I'd like to find out your take on having a human relationship with neighbours.

What do neighbours have to do with social anxiety? I live in an environment, where not speaking to neighbours has been normalized. "You do you, and I'll do me.”

Through that lens, the pandemic turned the world into our neighbours, figuratively and literally. So what does a new social contract look like? Will it be more of the same, or will people lead with curiosity after spending the better part of a year in their head. What will your approach be?

Cursory information shows even dating has changed, with lavish dates being a thing of the past, people have had to lead with character, this may be a bellwether for what expectations people will have as they navigate a different social environment at work and elsewhere.

A laugh for your troubles

Next week we'll dig into this topic some more. If you have any juicy articles or thoughts that pop up, send them my way throughout the week.

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When I'm about to leave and hear my neighbour outside

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